Soul Poems

bright_stars-wallpaper-1366x768Image from The new header image of my blog. I saw a similar kind of picture during my meditation yesterday.


My Soul goes clad in gorgeous things,
Scarlet and gold and blue;
And at her shoulder sudden wings
Like long flames flicker through.

And she is swallow-fleet, and free
From mortal bonds and bars.
She laughs, because Eternity
Blossoms for her with stars!

– Fannie Stearns Davis


The Soul

The soul has many
Where it can go
Not measured by width,
just depth.
Deep down it finds
diamonds rare
Even with darkness

– Anna Livia



I lie here, alone, breathing in the essence of you,
Remembering your touch, feeling your embrace.
You, who are so far and yet ever so near.
Is this magic, this knowing, this ethereal togetherness?
How many trials have we faced together to bring us so dear?
I close my eyes and know we have always been,
And sense we will always be.
Oh yes, this life, these fears so insurmountable.
We go so far beyond,
Our comprehension taking us backward and forward,
Reassuring us that all is well.
Love allows no fears to remain,
They are but fleeting thoughts, reminders that we are mortal.
Then, once again, we return to that mystical place,
That place where only love exists, where peace and happines abound.
Thank you, guardian angels, for helping us find each other again,
For showing us the way on our rocky roads,
For the whispers in our darkness when we thought we were alone,
For reminding us that love is, that we are and will always be.

– Mary Greenwood


Two Souls Intertwine

The moon light glows, casting dreams
Reflections sparkle, as the magic gleams
Atmosphere charged, spark of excitement tonight
As the moon and the ocean’s powers unite
Excitement stirs as their eyes slowly meet
Time for a journey? or simply retreat
A moment in time they’ll never forget
A chance waiting to be taken, or forever regret
So as the moonlight dances upon the horizon line
A spell is cast as two souls intertwine.

– Sara Stowell

                              Tanka – Warmth of the Soul

Sunshine warms the soul
Tenderness warms all our hearts
Love comes to us all
Once the mystery unfolds
Upon the realms of our dreams

– Lisa Cresswell Wilkinson

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14 thoughts on “Soul Poems

    1. I too love the word, it resonates music of the spheres. I´m glad you liked the post. I was going to post only one (or two) of the poems, but then I got a hunch that they´ll all serve somehow, not that I know whom (and I myself like them all). 😀


    1. Thanks, Linda. 🙂 And it´s fun to know which poem you liked the most. I have Venus in 7th house for quite a while now, so it´s timely to me too in that sense also. Though soulmates theme always is a close one to me.


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