Rhythm Is the Soul of Life: Poems

dancer_on_the_stage-wallpaper-1366x768Rhythm is the soul of life. The whole universe revolves in rhythm. Every thing and every human action revolves in rhythm. – Baba Olatunji


World’s Dance Stage

World’s a huge
Dancing stage
Let’s play some music
And dance in rhythm.

Exciting dances
From all directions
From east to west
And north to south.

Classical and modern
Religious and ethnic
And folk dances
From all the countries.

Ballet or rock
Rumba or tango
Kathak or bhangra
Let’s try them all.

Let’s imitate nature
In all its grace
Like clouds moving
On peaks of mountains
Like leaves dancing
With blow of the breeze
Like waves dancing
To reach the shore
Let’s dance in rhythm
With nature’s swing.

Dance’s energy
Dance’s vigor
Dance’s vibrant
Flow of emotion
Dance’s art
Body, the instrument
Let’s dance together
To show our happiness
And express our joy
On world’s stage.

Tirupathi Chandrupatla

Drumming: An Instrument of Love

I pick up my drum.
There’s a deep awed silence – a revered stillness –
in the moments of anticipating what that first stroke
to my drum will create for a sound vibration and
what that will do to my soul.
I let go and make contact falling in love again
with the vibrations, which are not only heard clearly,
but felt deeply in my heart and body.
Before long, the sounds create within me some
earth based erotic impulse to move.
Compelled to move, I follow this urge and very quickly
my movement turns to dance.
Dancing – my soul lightens – freeing me to expand. I am inspired.
These acts of dancing and drumming
bring sacred spirit’s light into myself.
I call thanks to all the great beings
of the universe for helping me to satisfy
this great primitive longing in me.
I realize doing what makes me joyful fosters gratitude.
I know having a grateful heart makes me
an instrument of Godde’s peace.

I drum.
I move.
I dance.

I bring light into myself.
I bring joy into the world.
I am an instrument of Godde’s peace.

Dawn Andersen 2/30/01 revised 2/23/07. Found from: http://www.differentdrummersdrumcircle.com/id7.html




Images: worldpaperswide.com, Wikimedia Commons

11 thoughts on “Rhythm Is the Soul of Life: Poems

    1. Nice to know, Linda. And so it is to me too. I do not drum myself, but I do dance along and also enjoy listening to drumming among other rhythmic beats in general. To me they are great sources of enhancing the life force energy (among other things).


  1. Deelia, how did you know?, I Love Music is my Jam from high school. Do you also like Earth Wind and Fire or Ohio Players or Average White Band? My spirits are soaring ……

    Love it 😀


    1. How fun! I Love Music came to my mind when I was building the post. Earth Wind and Fire is one of my all time favorites. The other bands I don´t recall (by their names at the least, Ohio Players sounds familiar though), but I´ll check them up at some point, for it is as if I´m going to get some more great “warming-up” music (I sometimes dance before my yoga exercise, and so on).


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