Chiron: Aquarian Themes – Staying Independent in the Collective Field


Inspired by Linda of the litebeing chronicles blog and her wonderful post Poetry – adventures in stillness and vast mysteries  I made my own random pick from the book Chiron and the Healing Journey: An Astrological and Psychological Perspective by Melanie Reinhart.  To those who are not so familiar with this idea: these kinds of random picks can be playfully used to receiving answers to questions as well.

From the chapter: Chiron in Aquarius and the Eleventh House 

“With Chiron in Aquarius or the Eleventh House, we are vulnerable to the collective unconscious in the sphere of ideas and ideals. Although we have the potential to be  original and iconoclastic thinkers, we are also prone to taking on stereotyped attitudes. Rather than risk expressing our own opinions, we may adopt a party line of some kind, following the political or spiritual aspirations of a group to which we belong. We could become enslaved by the ideas of another person, not realizing that these hinder our own development; we may take on and subsequently reject many different systems of ideas on our quest. With this Chiron placement, we benefit by learning to use our own individual minds creatively, concretely, and with rational discrimination. If we can build a suitably Saturnian vehicle for the Uranian energy of our thoughts, we may find ourselves able to make an important contribution to others through our truly independent thinking. In this process, we will perhaps discover many useless “shoulds” and “oughts” which we are slavishly believing or obeying.”

“Until we have found a measure of inner freedom, we might fear commitment (and may have a horror of groups and the collective, for one thing, to be taken over by collective ideas). However, Chiron brings the possibility of individual freedom within commitment to life.” 

I also recalled this quote and am thanking with it all those people who have dared, and dare, to be independent and often ahead of their time sometimes also needing to face much opposition:

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.  – Albert Einstein

What is your random pick?

Thanks again for the idea, Linda!


Image: by Chiron McAnndra / Wikimedia Commons

11 thoughts on “Chiron: Aquarian Themes – Staying Independent in the Collective Field

  1. Ok, I am in. A random passage from Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie: “My Padma! The Lotus Goddess; the One Who Possesses Dung; who is Honey-Like, and Made of Gold; whose sons are moisture and mud… Padma, who along with the yaksa genii, who represent the sacred treasure of the earth, and the sacred rivers, Ganga Yamuna Sarasvati, and the tree goddesses, is one of tue guardians of Life, beguiling and comforting mortal men while they pass through the dream-web of Maya… Padma, the Source, the Mother of Time!”


    1. Oh, what a wonderful quote! Feminine principle and the Triple Goddess are so matching (remembering what you have written). And the Grand Water Trine is tempting the Honey-Like qualities of many of us onto the surface. 😀 Thanks for joining in.


  2. thanks for the link Deelia. I am so glad you drew inspiration from my post. And what a wonderful idea you have here. I have the Reinhart book and that chapter is important to me with my Chiron in Aquarius. I will be back with a random read soon!


  3. Here’s my pick from The Creativity Book by Eric Maisel Ph.D
    – Part 3 Be Mindful; Rouse out of your dream sleep: ” Many religions, Buddhism, and the religion of creativity among them, concern themselves with mindfulness. By mindfulness I mean the art of pure attention and the skills of critical thinking. Let’s consider the concept of mindfulness by considering the possiblity that we spend too much of our life in a kind of dream sleep, going through the motions, and too little of it in a state of genuine mindfulness. If we are honest with ourselves, I think we’d all agree that we feel really alert and awake only a small portion of the time.”
    The following quote is to the immediate left of the passage I selected: ” By chance I fell into the dust net of this world where in an instant passed some thirty years. ” by T’AO CH’ IEN


  4. I don’t have a quote myself, except maybe this one of a sweatshirt my aunt gave me. It was big and awesome, and the paraphrased quote is by Thoreau “Only in wildness is the preservation of life.”


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