Clearing Gratitude from Guilt


I used to write lists of joy in the past having a major challenging phase in my life. I wrote them for not to get drown in those challenges, to keep on noticing all the good and wonderful still going on in my life. I also wrote them to clear guilt from gratitude. I did it by adding the words and the energies of joy and joyful in my lists of gratitude. I gave joyful thanks to the universe.

Nobody (in relative terms) in my past surroundings and in the society had wanted anything bad by gearing gratitude with guilt and obligation, which tell us that we don´t quite deserve what we receive and that it is somehow away from those less fortunate. We should be grateful, because…That kind of guilt was programmed due to understandable reasons by the even earlier generations in our culture. (Not that it was or is a concern of all the people, but one of those more collective programmings that some of us may adopt unconsciously. On a deeper level it relates to a bunch of patriarchal believes. The quilt and related was also a bigger issue to me, to a part of my personality, having more layers and connections).

So, I managed to clear gratitude from guilt and obligation and now-a-days joy is related to being thankful even without me adding the word “joy” or “joyful” to it.

What kind of feelings does gratitude evoke in you?

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5 thoughts on “Clearing Gratitude from Guilt

  1. I have a daily gratitude practice. I used to journal this daily but lately I recite before sleep. It does not always work for me but I think it matters to retrain the mind to focus on joy!


    1. Yes, I don´t know if this applies to you in this case, but sometimes that what helps, depends also on the stress/distress level in question (and knowing what we are dealing with, and allowing of emotions instead of trying to block them, and so on, so many possible layers again). I for instance sometimes use affirmations aimed to my core fears and set my energy according to them, before the other affirmations work. And sometimes it is not about words as such, but about acceptance and giving a hug to oneself instead (I then often just transmit love energy with no verbalizing).


      1. you made a good point, addressing core beliefs and issues. And non verbal communication often is more effective in change. Wayne Dyer addresses this regarding setting intention: to feel like something you desire IS happening now.


    1. Yes, gratitude gives peace and serenity to me, too. 🙂 I realize that it depends a bit of what I´m grateful for, which kind of positive feeling or blend of positive feelings I tune in to. Underneath they all seem to bring a sense of connectedness.


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