Cosmic Connections: Poems



Shooting Star

In great stories they give
shooting stars as answers
to us human beings

I wish I could have one myself
as a confirmation
to this question of mine

the starry sky is so bright,
so beautiful,
it almost hurts

and then it happens,
it flies so fast
with such grace

the miracle angels
are on the go,
I am  to sleep
with joy


Cosmic Friend

You look at me
over the crowd
like you know me well,
you smile
like recognizing my soul

My cosmic friend,
already familiar to me
from so many dream meetings

If you knew
would it scare you,
would you run away,
my Galactic Warrior,
if you knew that I sensed you
even before you came in,
and even from a greater distance
which doesn´t exist

– Deelia (ages ago) /Soul Fields Blog ©



Images: shooting star /, Magic lake by sattva /


8 thoughts on “Cosmic Connections: Poems

  1. Beautiful, Deelia! Each time you share your poems I learn more about your wonderful self – you have had some profound experiences. Many thanks! Music Heart


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