Soul Connections: Short Love Poems

dreamy_flower-wallpaper-1366x768Dream Meeting

You came
to greet me 
in a dream 
You hugged me
when you left

I wondered about 
the footprints
in the snow:
only arriving ones


in between  
dream state and awake
you ask me
if you can come

 you show me
   how to float together
 into the spheres and 
   to the borders of the worlds 
            and beyond
      into the ecstatic
  sing-along of
    the fairies and 

- Deelia (ages ago) /Soul Fields Blog ©




8 thoughts on “Soul Connections: Short Love Poems

  1. Really lovely. I love the line about looking at the arriving footprints only. And I thought when you said “borders”, I thought you meant the edges of worlds and dimensions, but who knows. Very sweet regardless.


    1. Yes, thank you, I did mean it so. I have corrected the word/typo, which was boArders in my first version. 😀

      Anyhow, it is great if you can connect with these short poems, because they are fragments, “moments”, of a whole story of a certain growth period I was having there in the past (relating to other issues than romantic love/life partner as well). I have not been good in keeping diaries, but these poems made a kind of diary to me (that was not my intention, but I realized while writing them that so it was becoming).

      The shorter the text the more challenging I experience the translating, because not necessarily knowing all the nuances of different words in English (and, ah, grammatic being another issue.). “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead”, said Mark Twain.


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