Experiencing Telepathy in Daily Life: Personal Experiences


Note, 11th of April 2017: I have written the basis of this text over a decade ago (how time flies…) for an other purpose as while joining in an international energy study forum (relating to the Seven Rays and the Light Body) and then updated the text a bit for this blogging purpose a few years ago.

Since then things have further evolved offering some new nuances and focuses as well as continued to integrate, and a deepening study of the psychic realm has taken place alongside (and inside) my ongoing energy work.

Please note while reading that English is not my native language…

I recall when joining in the first energy healing course in 1997 the teacher asked us, if we hear the thoughts of other people, our own thoughts only, or both, or none. I raised my hand among those who replied: – Just my own thoughts. Later on this has changed as one of the psychic gifts, which has opened more to me is experiencing telepathy in the everyday life in addition to the meditation states. This has just happened without my conscious intention.

Nobody needs to be worried if I read their minds though, that is something I don´t even want to do. And the world of telepathy is not necessarily as linear a world as it is usually described to be in the science fiction movies and the kind. I rarely intentionally send telepathic messages other than brief “I love you, too” or thank you messages and the kind as a response. I rather choose to briefly transmit energy if drawn to (and if responding at all), because energy transmitting is clean and it goes beyond where words can reach. The energies are always serving for the best and highest and for the greatest good of all appreciating the free will and energy space of each individual. There are a couple of souls with whom I share a deep connection and learning when it comes to telepathy and other issues in life. That is a story of its own helping me to better understand soul connections and related issues and not much included in this text.

So, while channeling or doing energy healing (distance healing in meditation or on the spot), and in addition to seeing and sensing the energies, I began to see and receive information – visuals, verbal messages, colors and so on – for instance about the present life situation and energetic state of the people I was serving. These messages often included the past and past life issues relating to the healing at hand. And then later on I began to see into their future, too, when appropriate. Seldom, but if time lines were given for the future things they proved to be right. I was a bit doubting at first to give out this kind of information as we create anew each moment and the future is more or less fluid (I used to give little verbal or written reports afterwards to the persons I helped). The guides rarely predicted the future either. I also began to receive messages of more collective nature about world events, and so on.

During the meditative states I´m concentrated and tuned in to receiving messages from higher guidance, and the energies, colors and so on are clearer and deeper than during the “day state” (to fully describe the richness of experience of the inner planes with words is beyond my reach).  Otherwise there is not that much difference in how I experience telepathy during the everyday life. The messages are briefer/shorter, of course, and more fragmented.

I have identified at least the below categories of messages I receive during “the day state”. It is not that I receive everything and all the messages that circle there in the ethers, that might be truly chaotic. So there is a purpose and guidance in what I receive, relating to what I am learning and processing at the time.

1) messages and guidance from the higher guidance: from my own soul/spirit and the guides

These are verbal guiding sentences and energy transmissions. Sometimes I also see pictures and other visuals without closing my eyes. The most of the messages I receive during the day state belong to this category and to the next one.

2) positive or neutral messages from other people or their souls/spirits

I see/sense/hear the energy signature and short positive or neutral messages of people popping into my energy field. Sometimes this indicates that they will soon contact me on the physical plane, and I often know the why beforehand. Or, I feel drawn to contact them and they say that they have just been thinking about me. The energy signature of an individual person usually consists of both energy and a visual element. Some of them include also a short verbal message that is always the same for the same person.

3) knowing without knowing phenomena – this goes close to intuition.

Like it is with all the different psychic skills the boundaries between telepathy, clairvoyance, intuition and so on, are not clear for there is this intersecting taking place. A minor example of knowing without knowing is that I didn´t buy the cookies I had planned, not thinking or knowing why, until the friend coming for a visit told she had already then bought the similar cookies for us. One everyday experience is that often people pop into my mind when I open Facebook and these people have just posted something appearing in the news feed. Or the subjects I´ve been thinking of appear in the news feed. It is the same with the subjects of WP bloggers appearing in the reader, for instance. So, here is a blend of synchronicity, being connected to the collective field(s) and “knowing without knowing” taking place.

4) sub personality  / ego messages, “telepathic noise”

These are energy signatures and distressed messages from other people´s sub personalities or egos (depending on what language we use, I myself prefer the word sub personality) popping in briefly to my energy field. Some of these emotional messages are related to me, some of them not, they are for instance describing something the people in question are experiencing at the moment.

The more balanced we are the more detached we are to any form of negativity. Even those messages that are negatively directed to me need not be taken personally. The messages in those cases, too, are ultimately related to that personality part´s way of interpreting and experiencing the world. Also the negative messages/thoughts need to be intensively repeated before they reach my energy field. That is: I don´t receive all the negative thoughts relating to myself. It is of course not recommended to send negative energy repeatedly to other people (nor to oneself either). That tends to recycle back to those who send it, for one thing. Not all negative thinking is conscious and intended though.

The distressed messages from a sub personality always mean to me that there is a positive side to this personality part as well, and that these kind of messages are fear related. They come from the parts of us that most ask for love. A sub personality never represents the totality of our personality, only a part of it. It is seldom these days I feel the need to check what and if they mirror something in myself, for I have come to know myself inside outside during this long and deep inner journey. This includes being aware of and familiar with my unconsciousness/subconscious, my own “subs” and what I am processing.

The same communication skills, laws of attraction, energy tools, and the intention to look at things from the soul/spirit perspective to the best of our ability in each moment, and taking good care of ourselves first, apply on these levels of telepathic communication as well as on the “normal” level of communication. If we are critical or judgmental to ourselves or others we may attract more of that. If we are belittling to ourselves we may attract more of the kind, and so on. And what we pay attention to tends to increase, which again is also a matter of how, in what energy we do the focusing on certain issues. There is no reason to engage in any telepathic power games, to take any negative affirmations from others (it is okay to say: stop), or get worried about other people´s challenges (as worrying does not help anyone). Power with instead over others applies here as well. Objective observer is the objective observer, humor liberates, and love creates miracles, to mention a few of the positive ways to respond. One of the greatest gifts and joys in life to anyone in the “ordinary” plane of living, too, can be to remain loved, trusted and understood in the moments, when one might feel the least deserving to that.

Sometimes when I want to be alone and only receive messages from higher guidance during the daily living, I play and set a certain type of privacy space.

Being consciously telepathic or not,  there is also this emotional nonverbal energy in the ethers that we might encounter with when we move through the days. We might notice this so, that  our own energy suddenly begins to drop. Grounding of one´s own energy well for instance before going to public places may serve people, who are sensitive to energy.

5) messages from the collective

These are brief messages about more collective matters, positive or challenging or even “indifferent”  which may appear in the media soon afterwards.

6) messages from the future presented as have happened in the now – in the present – though not yet so. These are usually concerning personally close souls to me.  There can be a gap of a few years even when the thing/issue in question actually happens. In this category it is possible that the parallel realities or alternate futures blend in somehow.

7) miscellaneous

Messages, which remain unknown in their context and meaning to me.

Most of the messages are of higher telepathy, of love, light, play and mutual support of soul mates, fellow travelers and higher guidance, and of receiving cosmic hugs. Ultimately it all is about Love and Consciousness.

Feel free to share your own experiences, or links to experiences of other people in this area.

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