Symptoms of Codependency

colorful_clouds_2-wallpaper-1280x720 Codependency themes give one angle of human behavior in becoming more genuinely inner-driven rather than being outer-driven. There is a difference between being with other people than living more or less through/via them, and there are different levels of codependency from the minor symptoms to the deepest ones. The first step in being able to be more inner-driven (and “soul driven”) in general as well, is that we bring these often unconscious behaviors and habits to the conscious level. The more aware we are of them and their illusionary nature, the less power they have to direct our lives. We can re-adjust our energies in the now, whenever we might notice old habits beginning to take place and/or our energy level beginning to drop.

The codependency themes are all very understandable and common behaviors, mental and emotional tendencies. Acceptance again can be of great help on the path of liberation. Everything we do for our own wellbeing becomes available to others (who are receptive and having similar issues) as well, not only via the physical plane, but also via the telepathic planes or morphic fields, how we then like to call them.

Here is an article describing different codependency themes:

Symptoms of Codependency By Darlene Lancer, JD, MFT


Tuning in to Self Confidence: Quotes

Articles from the basic energy healing perspectives:

Open Your Third Chakra and Have More Energy by Gini Grey

The Chakras and their Purpose by GIniGrey




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