Impacts of the New Energies: Releasing Negative Emotions

I had just been thinking about having material about the emotional body and emotional healing as well as about the mental body (on this new blog name/address as well), and here is a post that gets into the core of the emotional healing part. Thank you, Cathy. 🙂

For the mental body part and for now I share this psychological article about recognizing cognitive distortions

with a note that these are of course large issues with many connections and layers.

Tigerlily's Garden


On an individual as well as global level we are going through a time of intense transition.  The consciousness of humanity and the planet is rising to a higher vibration in preparation for the leap in consciousness long predicted by the ancient ones.  Part of this process is the purging and releasing of the old negativities we have suppressed or held onto within ourselves.  We can the see the earth, herself, purging in the way of natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcanoes.  We are being inundated with new higher vibrational energies coming into our planet and into us as well.  These new energies are affecting us in many ways.


     One of the ways the energy is affecting us is that many old, painful memories, regrets, hurts, (and ect) are surfacing in our lives.  Typically, these are the emotions that we did not process properly at the time they occurred.  We suppressed and/or ignored them…

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