My Relationship with Tarots and My Tarot Card for June

GEM78_5My Relationship with Tarots

Like so many others in this field of inner growth, I too have introduced myself with many different inspiring tools for self transformation, affirmation and inspiration. The tarots were not that obvious element to me at first.

Many, many years ago I received a wonderful tarot deck of Crystals & Gemstones (still my favorite one) as a gift from a friend. I loved the beautiful cards, but was not using them for a long time. Although I was aware of the phenomena of synchronicity, I had linked the tarots with superstition and old belief systems.

One day I finally began to play with them a bit, and soon I noticed that I repeatedly picked the same cards or the cards with similar kind of matching energy for the same questions. I also realized that with the ring finger of my left hand I could sense which card to pick (I already before this could sense the energies and the blocks of energy of human bodies with my hands when doing energy healing). I fetched books which had an updated view of tarot meanings, and began to blend my intuition and other knowledge and life skills with them. I found the books Tarot: Mirror of the Soul and Tarot Mirror of Your Relationships by Gerd Ziegler matching the closest in their communication style and with my own views of inner growth and life.

When I did readings to others when asked to (this was not my main job, and I don´t give individual session these days), I transmitted energy at the same time and assisted them via the tarots to connect with and trust their own intuition, inner self and soul as the main sources of wisdom. The main focus was on life skills, self knowledge, and on how to build and allow a happier, more satisfying life, and so on, rather than on predicting the future. The shorter the time period the more stable a future prediction can be, for it is already pretty much shaped by our past actions, beliefs, thinking… Even then we can always shift our perception of things (if needed), and we can also adjust our choosing. The future being fluid we can influence on it. So, on the longer run the predictions can alter in major ways. I think, that the best clairvoyants see the most possible one of the alternate futures, when predicting. That probable future can change on the longer run for instance because of our intentions, different choosing and/or inner growth. We have chosen certain things, growth paths and themes, and so on, before we have incarnated though, but even then there is space for free choosing of a plan C, F, B, ….

Playing with the tarots can also enhance one´s sense of magic in life. I noticed this to be so with others as well when doing these readings.

My Tarot Card for June: Queen of Coins  – Agate

In these days I use tarot for myself for affirming, for focusing/concentrating on certain issues and for keeping the skill alive. I also use to pick a tarot for each month from my own deck and often I play a bit with certain online oracles as well.

For June I have picked the Queen of Coins – Agate. The four Queens of the tarot have usually taken a long inner journey, and have arrived at the oasis: a more understanding, conscious and easier phase in their growth and in life in general (or in the area in question). The Queen Of Coins in short is about material and physical wellbeing, success, practicality, taking care of one´s own wellbeing, too, while being a trustworthy support to others. Perhaps taking a vacation (inner and/or outer). It is also about beautifying life, inner, and outer.

From Tarot Mirror of the Soul by Gerd Siegler:

Key words: the watery aspect of Earth, fruitfulness, physical nourishment; overcoming the barren past.

Affirmation: I give my body the gift of loving attention, it gives me the gift of life energy, joy in living and health.



Images: queen of coins – agate / the tarot of crystals & gemstones,

Queen of Coins from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck /Wikipedia


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