The Road to Resilience

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Today’s guest blogger is Linda! You can find her here.

Thank you Amber for having me as a guest blogger today. I want to  share some thoughts I have about human resilience in the face of loss.  Life is a series of continuous losses. After you take your first breath,  you find your way on the path towards your final one. Our cells constantly  regenerate. In fact, it is known that our bodies completely change every  seven years. Typically people equate death with loss and sometimes use  those terms interchangeably. Yet, loss is pervasive and incredibly universal.  Here are some common losses to consider: loss of health, loss of youth,  loss of innocence, loss of a relationship, loss of teeth, loss of weight,  loss of physical strength, loss of vitality, loss of purpose, loss of   money.  Even if we live in the same home and work at the same…

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