Turtles Here, Turtles There, Turtles Everywhere: Power Animals

800px-Total_internal_reflection_of_Chelonia_mydas_Already for quite a while I seem to be bumping into turtles everywhere (not on the live, it´s not possible, but in other ways). Yesterday I was laughing at this again, as I needed to write “I love turtles” on a check box, one of those we need to fill in to be able to use certain web services. The turtles appear to me in articles, photos, in the display names of followers of my blog, media, and so on…

Power animals or animal totems carry both individual and more collective symbolic meanings. Some power animals can be with us during a specific time period whereas others can be there for a life time. When an animal gives repetitive or otherwise strong signs of itself, it is bringing a message to us according to the phenomena of synchronicity for one thing. The roots of the totem animal thinking are in the past traditions and cultures, where animals were respected and living closer to the people and everything in the nature had a meaning, spirit.

We can also use our intuition or ask in meditation what the power animal for a special issue, month, year…is. There are also power animal oracles on the internet. Here is my favorite one: Power Animals Unleashed .

The main meanings of The Turtle to me individually are patience and longevity. All in all the meanings are much like astrological Saturn gifts. The Turtle reminds me of that patience is an easy and natural thing when I´m living in the now. Then it just is. It also reminds me that I am always safe and secure, and that too much “self protection” may lead to blocking the natural flow. There is humor, too, and also more layers, but this it is in short. I´m also sharing a link to a wonderful site I found yesterday for more meanings of The Turtle. This site seems to be having fresh viewpoints in addition to the more traditional ones. The true meanings are always those we know intuitively by ourselves or otherwise resonate with.  Animal Symbolism: Meaning of the Turtle / Avia Venefica at whatsyoursign.com


Image: Wikimedian Mila Zinkova /wikimedia commons

5 thoughts on “Turtles Here, Turtles There, Turtles Everywhere: Power Animals

  1. Lovely photo – turtles are one of my favorite creatures and I loved this reminder that all animals are like totems for us if we choose to consider them as messengers. I have lots of Saturn in my chart so I loved that take on turtles! 🙂


    1. Thank you for the lovely comment. 🙂 Yes, me too. I have Saturn in Pieces on the Ascendant. And at the moment most of the Saturn aspects/transits are those easier ones to me. Love, Deelia

      PS. Today I saw a Facebook status update concerning a turtle. The first Turtle posting in my news feed. 😀


    1. Okay, so good that you confirmed the reader thing! It was the same to Linda as well, but after renewing the follow (by clicking unfollow + follow again) , she said she gets them. I´ve been wondering that if it is so to almost all. WP personnel says that it could be a browser issue https://soulfields.wordpress.com/2013/06/13/an-update-to-my-previous-note-regarding-the-follows/ By the likes of my latest post I have been guessing that maybe the problem is gone now, because there were likes from those who have started to follow my blog before the name/address change. Hmm…


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